How U.S. Senators Voted on the Quiet Communities Act

Senate Bill 2279 is an annual "housekeeping" bill for the Federal Aviation Administration, but, like many such bills, contains controversial legislation. Senators Torricelli, Lautenberg, D'Amato, Moynihan, Wellstone, and Robb attempted to incorporate into this bill the Quiet Communities Act, originally introduced in the Senate in June 1997, but which has languished in committee since then.

The amendment (No. 3627) was defeated by a vote of 69-27 to table the amendment indefinitely. Please thank your senators if they voted to preserve the amendment (i.e., voted to consider incorporation of the Quiet Communities Act into Senate Bill 2279). If your senators voted against preserving the amendment, contact them (and the media) to inquire why they voted to quash a bill that will help protect the public health.

Vote Date: September 24, 1998, 12:11 PM

Amendment Number: S.AMDT.NO. 3627
Title: Motion to table Torricelli Amdt. No. 3627
Req. for Majority: 1/2
Result: Motion to Table Agreed to

A "yea" vote was a vote to table (kill) the amendment; a "nay" vote was a vote to consider the amendment; NV = not voting:

Abraham (MI) Yea      Feingold (WI) Yea  	Lugar (IN) Yea
Akaka (HI) Yea	      Feinstein (CA) Nay 	Mack (FL) Yea
Allard (CO) Yea       Ford (KY) Yea	        McCain (AZ) Yea 
Ashcroft (MO) Yea     Frist (TN) Yea	        McConnell (KY) Yea
Baucus (MT) Yea       Glenn (OH) NV 	        Mikulski (MD) Nay
Bennett (UT) Yea      Gorton (WA) Yea	        Moseley-Braun (IL) NV
Biden (DE) Nay	      Graham (FL) Yea	        Moynihan (NY) Nay
Bingaman (NM) Yea     Gramm (TX) Yea	        Murkowski (AK) Yea
Bond (MO) Yea	      Grams (MN) Yea            Murray (WA) Nay
Boxer (CA) Nay	      Grassley (IA) Yea	        Nickles (OK) Yea
Breaux (LA) Yea	      Gregg (NH) Yea	        Reed (RI) Nay
Brownback (KS) Yea    Hagel (NE) Yea	        Reid (NV) Nay 
Bryan (NV) Yea	      Harkin (IA) Yea	        Robb (VA) Nay 
Bumpers (AR) Nay      Hatch (UT) Yea	        Roberts (KS) Yea 
Burns (MT) Yea	      Helms (NC) Yea	        Rockefeller (WV) Yea
Byrd (WV) Nay	      Hollings (SC) NV 	        Roth (DE) Yea 
Campbell (CO) Yea     Hutchinson (AR) Yea	Santorum (PA) Yea
Chafee (RI) Yea	      Hutchison (TX) Nay	Sarbanes (MD) Nay
Cleland (GA) Yea      Inhofe (OK) Yea	        Sessions (AL) Yea
Coats (IN) Yea	      Inouye (HI) Yea	        Shelby (AL) Yea
Cochran (MS) Yea      Jeffords (VT) Nay	        Smith (NH) Yea
Collins (ME) Yea      Johnson (SD) Nay	        Smith (OR) Yea
Conrad (ND) Yea	      Kempthorne (ID) Yea	Snowe (ME) Yea
Coverdell (GA) Yea    Kennedy (MA) Nay	        Specter (PA) Nay
Craig (ID) Yea	      Kerrey (NE) Yea	        Stevens (AK) Yea
D'Amato (NY) Nay      Kerry (MA) Nay	        Thomas (WY) Yea
Daschle (SD) Yea      Kohl (WI)Yea	        Thompson (TN) Yea
DeWine (OH) Yea       Kyl (AZ)Yea	        Thurmond (SC) Yea
Dodd (CT) Nay	      Landrieu (LA)Yea	        Torricelli (NJ) Nay
Domenici (NM) Nay     Lautenberg (NJ)Nay	Warner (VA) Yea
Dorgan (ND) Yea       Leahy (VT)Nay	        Wellstone (MN) NV
Durbin (IL) Nay	      Levin (MI)Nay	        Wyden (OR) Yea
Enzi (WY) Yea	      Lieberman (CT)Nay	
Faircloth (NC) Yea    Lott (MS)Yea