State and Regional Transportation Plans

California Government Code
Selected Provisions

(Current as of September 2000)

[State Transportation Plan]

65070. (a) The Legislature finds and declares, consistent with Section 65088, that it is in the interest of the State of California to have an integrated state and regional transportation planning process. It further finds that federal law mandates the development of a state and regional long-range transportation plan as a prerequisite for receipt of federal transportation funds. It is the intent of the Legislature that the preparation of these plans shall be a cooperative process involving local and regional government, transit operators, congestion management agencies, and the goods movement industry and that the process be a continuation of activities performed by each entity and be performed without any additional cost.

(b) The Legislature further finds and declares that the last attempt to prepare a California Transportation Plan occurred between 1973 and 1977 and resulted in the expenditure of over eighty million dollars ($80,000,000) in public funds and did not produce a usable document. As a consequence of that, the Legislature delegated responsibility for long-range transportation planning to the regional planning agencies and adopted a seven-year programming cycle instead of a longer range planning process for the state.

(c) The Legislature further finds and declares that the Transportation Blueprint for the Twenty-First Century (Chapters 105 and 106 of the Statutes of 1989) is a long-range state transportation plan that includes a financial plan and a continuing planning process through the preparation of congestion management plans and regional transportation plans, and identifies major interregional road networks and passenger rail corridors for the state.

65072. The California Transportation Plan shall include all of the following:

(a) A policy element that describes the state's transportation policies and system performance objectives. These policies and objectives shall be consistent with legislative intent described in Sections 14000, 14000.5, and 65088. For the plan to be submitted in December 1993, the policy element shall address any opportunities for changes or additions to state legislative policy direction or statute.

(b) A strategies element that shall incorporate the broad system concepts and strategies synthesized from the adopted regional transportation plans prepared pursuant to Section 65080. The California Transportation Plan shall not be project specific.

(c) A recommendations element that includes economic forecasts and recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor to achieve the plan's broad system concepts, strategies, and performance objectives.

65073. The department shall submit the California Transportation Plan to the Governor by December 1, 1993. The department shall make a draft of its proposed plan available to the Legislature, the commission, and the regional transportation planning agencies for review and comment. The commission may present the results of its review and comment to the Legislature and the Governor. The Legislature intends to hold public hearings and submit its comments to the department and the Governor by conducting joint hearings of the Transportation Committees of the Senate and Assembly. The Governor shall adopt the plan and submit the plan to the Legislature and the Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation.

65074. The Department of Transportation shall prepare, in cooperation with the metropolitan planning agencies, a federal transportation improvement program in accordance with subsection (f) of Section 135 of Title 23 of the United States Code. The federal transportation improvement program shall be submitted by the department to the United States Secretary of Transportation, by October 1 of each even-numbered year.

[Regional Transportation Plans]

65080. (a) Each transportation planning agency designated under Section 29532 or 29532.1 shall prepare and adopt a regional transportation plan directed at achieving a coordinated and balanced regional transportation system, including, but not limited to, mass transportation, highway, railroad, maritime, bicycle, pedestrian, goods movement, and aviation facilities and services. The plan shall be action-oriented and pragmatic, considering both the short-term and long-term future, and shall present clear, concise policy guidance to local and state officials. The regional transportation plan shall consider factors specified in Section 134 of Title 23 of the United States Code. Each transportation planning agency shall consider and incorporate, as appropriate, the transportation plans of cities, counties, districts, private organizations, and state and federal agencies.

(b) The regional transportation plan shall include all of the following:

(1) A policy element that describes the transportation issues in the region, identifies and quantifies regional needs, and describes the desired short-range and long-range transportation goals, and pragmatic objective and policy statements. The objective and policy statements shall be consistent with the funding estimates of the financial element.

(2) An action element that describes the programs and actions necessary to implement the plan and assigns implementation responsibilities. The action element may describe all projects proposed for development during the 20-year life of the plan. The action element shall consider congestion management programming activities carried out within the region.

(3) A financial element that summarizes the cost of plan implementation constrained by a realistic projection of available revenues. The financial element shall also contain recommendations for allocation of funds. A county transportation commission created pursuant to Section 130000 of the Public Utilities Code shall be responsible for recommending projects to be funded with regional improvement funds, if the project is consistent with the regional transportation plan. The first five years of the financial element shall be based on the five-year estimate of funds developed pursuant to Section 14524. The financial element may recommend the development of specified new sources of revenue, consistent with the policy element and action element.

(c) Each transportation planning agency shall adopt and submit, every three years beginning by September 1, 2001, an updated regional transportation plan to the California Transportation Commission and the Department of Transportation. The plan shall be consistent with federal planning and programming requirements. A transportation planning agency that does not contain an urbanized area may at its option adopt and submit a regional transportation plan once every four years beginning by September 1, 2001. Prior to adoption of the regional transportation plan, a public hearing shall be held, after the giving of notice of the hearing by publication in the affected county or counties pursuant to Section 6061.

Legislative History: Sec. 65080 added by Stats. 1997, c. 622 (S.B. 45), § 24; amended by Stats. 1999, c. 1007 (S.B. 532), § 1.

65081.1. (a) After consultation with other regional and local transportation agencies, each transportation planning agency whose planning area includes a primary air carrier airport shall, in conjunction with its preparation of an updated regional transportation plan, include an airport ground access improvement program.

(b) The program shall address the development and extension of mass transit systems, including passenger rail service, major arterial and highway widening and extension projects, and any other ground access improvement projects the planning agency deems appropriate.

(c) Highest consideration shall be given to mass transit for airport access improvement projects in the program.

(d) If federal funds are not available to a transportation planning agency for the costs of preparing or updating an airport ground access improvement program, the agency may charge the operators of primary air carrier airports within its planning area for the direct costs of preparing and updating the program. An airport operator against whom charges are imposed pursuant to this subdivision shall pay the amount of those charges to the transportation planning agency.

Legislative History: Sec. 65081.1 amended Stats. 1997, c. 622 (S.B. 45), § 26.

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