Steven P. Rocco
Air Park Manager
1001 NE 10 Street
Pompano Beach, Fl 33060
Tel. 954.786.4135
Fax 954.786.4136

Pompano Beach Air Park Pilot in Command Guidelines

Noise Abatement "Guidelines" and
Voluntary Operating Limitations

I. It shall be the responsibility of all pilots operating aircraft at the Air Park, to
familiarize themselves with the National Business Aircraft Association (NBA)
Noise Abatement Operating Procedures.

II. The pilots of all aircraft making local flights or practice entries into the
appropriate traffic patterns shall maintain standard or assigned traffic altitudes
at all times, consistent with safety and good airmanship and shall refrain from
unnecessary maneuvers at low attitudes over or near noise sensitive
residential areas adjacent to that airport.

III. Consistent with the aircraft performance data, all take offs, including Touch &
Go's will be made utilizing the best rate of climb.  Initial turn to cross wind leg
should be executed at 500' AGL, unless otherwise directed by Air Traffic Control.

IV. On all runway departures except Runway 6 pilots reaching the initial climb
altitude in #3 above should make a left turn to cross wind heading and climb to
traffic pattern altitude, unless otherwise directed by Air Traffic Control.

V. Unless otherwise directed by Air Traffic Control, Departures on Runway 6 will
climb straight out to 500' at best rate of climb before turning cross wind. 
Attempt to accomplish this by Federal Highway.

VI. No simulated engine out procedures in training operations during departure
phase of flight.

VII. No intersection take offs permitted.  Use the full length of the runway so as to
gain as much altitude as possible over the airport.

VIII. When performing Touch & Go operation, plan your touch down in the first 1000'
of runway.  If you touch down beyond this location, execute a full stop landing
and taxi back in accordance with Air Traffic Control instructions.

IX. When executing an approach to landing on a runway with a VASI, aircraft should
remain at or above the VASI guide approach angle until assured of safe

X. Pompano Air Park uses a standard left hand pattern for all airport runways

XI. Helicopter traffic pattern altitude is 500 msl.  All pattern work shall be conducted
using designated training routes over Air Park property.  Ingress/Egress routes
will be a assigned by Air Traffic Control.  It is strongly recommend that no
helicopter activity be conducted South of 10th Street while in Airport flight
training patterns.

XII. Aircraft with a gross weight of more than 30,000 pounds are prohibited on
Runway 15/33.  Aircraft with a gross weight of more than 12,500 pounds are
prohibited on Runways 10/28 and 6/24.

XIII. All stop and go operations are prohibited.

XIV. All Touch and Go's operations are permitted between the hours of 9:00 am and
5:00 pm weekdays only.  Touch and Go activity is prohibited on weekends and
legal holidays.

XV. Prolonged running of aircraft engines between the hours of 9:00 pm and 7:00
am is prohibited.

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                       (Page updated July 09, 2002)