Lawsuits over Noise at Pittsburgh Airport Are Settled after 18 Years

NOVEMBER 22,1998

The Associated Press State & Local Wire reports Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, last week settled a number of 18-year-old noise lawsuits involving the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport.

According to the article, Allegheny County last week settled lawsuits by 31 residents who sued 18 years ago over noise from a then-new runway at the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. Each resident received approximately $16,000, on top of attorneys' fees, engineering and appraisal costs, and interest. The settlement cost is estimated at $1 million, said Dale Charochak, the county Department of Aviation's chief contract administrator.

The county is expected to spend another $5.8 million this year on litigations as well as work to soundproof homes near the runways. To date the county has settled 244 of 402 lawsuits filed after the construction of the runway in 1980, built with the approval of the Allegheny County Department of Aviation. Although a new airport terminal has been built since then, the 1980 runways continue to be used.