Airport Says Residents Near Vancouver Airport
Have No Grounds for Lawsuit

MAY 10, 1997

The Vancouver Sun (News; page A20) reports that a lawsuit filed a month ago by residents of Richmond, British Columbia against the Vancouver International Airport Authority and the federal government claims that residents are entitled to compensation for noise and nuisance from aircraft using the new, third runway of the airport.

In response, the airport authority and federal government filed documents this week in the British Columbia Supreme Court saying residents should have been aware of the airport plans for a new runway and there are no grounds for a court to allow a class-action lawsuit on the matter.

According to the article, residents believe a class-action suit is warranted, saying that the government's environmental assessment review panel recommended that compensation be paid to the neighborhood but was ignored. But the airport authority and federal government claim that the creation of a third runway was public knowledge since 1946. They say that the plaintiffs who want compensation failed to investigate the community before purchasing their property, to pay sufficient regard to notices placed on the title to their property, to properly insulate their homes, and to take other reasonable steps to minimize noise, noxious fumes, or vibrations, the article reports. The defendants also claim in the documents that the third runway is necessary to the economy of Vancouver.

The article notes that a date has not been set for the trial.