New York City's Heliport Noise Rules Blocked by Federal Judge

JANUARY 7, 1997

Regulations attempting to restrict helicopter traffic at New York City's 34th Street Heliport were blocked by Southern District Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the New York Law Journal reports (Jan. 1, 1997, page 1).

Judge Sotomayor did uphold the proposed night and morning hour curfew, the article reports. Judge Sotomayor said such a curfew "represents a sensible compromise between National's interests in maintaining a viable business, and the interests of area residents in being free from noise and related annoyances."

However, the judge rejected a proposal by the City Council to cut heliport traffic 47 percent, the article reports. "There is no evidence in the record that the 47 percent reduction . . . is in any way calibrated to achieve any particular noise-based result," she wrote.