Town of Bedford Agrees with Residents to Join Appeal of FAA Decision

JANUARY 31, 2001

After a special town meeting made the publicís wishes clear, Bedford selectmen unanimously voted on Monday to join the appeal of the Federal Aviation Administrationís decision to allow Shuttle America flights to LaGuardia airport.

The town will now join neighboring towns in the case of Save Our Heritage Inc. v. Federal Aviation Administration. The special meeting was spear-headed by a citizensí group, the Bedford Hanscom Action Committee.

Expressing disappointment in the town meeting decision, Selectmen Chairman Mark Siegenthaler said the board voted in favor of joining the appeal in response to the publicís wishes. Siegenthaler said he is concerned about the path the town is going to take and that he wanted to reassure Bedford that the issues at Hanscom are real to the selectmen and have been for many years.

Selectman Sheldon Moll said the selectmen do serve their electorate and he was "surprised and interested in the vote at the special town meeting. "He added that because of the vote he was in favor of joining, though he personally believes the original selectmen decision to not join the appeal was right.

Selectman Gordon Feltman said he was not surprised at the special town meeting vote, and he expected those who attended the special town meeting would believe strongly that the town should join the appeal.

Selectman Joseph Piantedosi added that he hopes what started the special town meeting campaign would continue, and would help find a solution to help with the Hanscom situation.

It was a difference in tactics, said Selectman Catherine Cordes, adding that she does not have a problem in changing strategy. Cordes said she thinks the idea is that the selectmen and the townspeople feel the same way about the quality of life in Bedford.

Source: Bedford Minuteman