State's Attorney's Office Joins School in Suit Against Chicago
for Funds to Muffle Noise from O'Hare Airport

FEBRUARY 7, 1999

The Chicago Daily Herald (News, page 5) reports the DuPage County state's attorney's office has stepped into the legal battle between the city of Chicago and a private school system which sued for funds to soundproof the schools against noise from O'Hare International Airport.

According to the article, the state's attorney's office filed a motion in DuPage County Circuit Court last week to enter the 1997 lawsuit on the side of Elmhurst's Immaculate Conception schools, said attorney Joe Karaganis, who is representing the grade school and high school affected by O'Hare International Airport noise. A judge will soon rule on the motion, he said.

The article states Immaculate Conception wants Chicago, which owns O'Hare, to pay the full cost of soundproofing, which could be $10 million. The city has offered to settle for much less. "The city is willing to pay I.C. millions of dollars to soundproof educational areas," said Chicago aviation spokesman Dennis Culloton. "But I.C. and the Joliet Diocese believe that other areas where children are not educated need to be soundproofed."

The article reports in reference to the state's attorney's action, Culloton said, "This also raises interesting issues for the taxpayers of DuPage County. They will be underwriting this lawsuit, representing a religious institution."