Lawsuit Challenges Construction of Housing Near California Airport

DECEMBER 29, 1998

A lawsuit was filed Dec. 29 in Butte County Superior Court to protect Chico Municipal Airport from residential housing encroachment. The project is approximately one-half mile from the departure end of runway 31R.

The suit was filed by the California Pilots Association, the North Valley Pilots Association, and the Butte County Airport Land Use Commission. Defendents named in the complaint are the County of Butte and the Butte County Board of Supervisors.

The Board of Supervisors approved the project even though the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) had reviewed it and found it inconsistent with the Chico Airport Plan. Local pilots and non-pilots testified at the Board hearing, stating that the housing project would cause noise and safety problems for residents of the project.

The petitioners are asking the court to declare the Board's action invalid, and to enjoin the Board from issuing any permits or other approvals that would allow the project to proceed.

This is the second lawsuit filed against projects proposed near the Chico Airport. Last year, a lawsuit was filed by California Pilots Association in behalf of petitioners seeking to block projects approved by the City of Chico. That issue is currently being litigated (see story). While these issues are in court, no construction has begun on either of the projects.

Several years ago, the California Pilots Association filed a lawsuit challenging a proposed residential project adjacent to Bakersfield Airpark. The immediate result of the filing was that the developer decided to withdraw and the project was not built.

Source: California Pilots Association Newsletter