Litigation News Archives

1996 - 1999

Dec. 3, 1999

Appellate Court Affirms Dismissal of Several Challenges to New Runway at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Dec. 1, 1999 Suburb Hires Attorney to Oppose Cleveland Airport Expansion
Dec. 1, 1999

Residents Claim Civilian Aircraft Have No Legal Right to Use Former Marine Airbase
Nov. 26, 1999 Neighboring City Sues Los Angeles over Airport Expansion
Nov. 6, 1999

More Schools to Be Insulated As a Result of Lawsuit over Aircraft Noise in Chicago
Oct. 30, 1999 Denver Must Pay County Four Million for Airport Noise
Sept. 28, 1999 No Injunction Against Commercial Flights at Suburban Massachusetts Airport
Sept. 22, 1999 Chicago Wants to Hide Airport Noise Records During Suit
Sept. 18, 1999 Settlement in Toledo Airport Nuisance Suit
Aug. 27, 1999 Trial Ends in Lawsuit Pitting Suburbs Against Denver Airport
July 2, 1999 Ohio Supreme Court Delays Trial in Airport Noise Suit
June 17, 1999 Settlement Reached on Deicing Fluid Dispute
May 26, 1999 City Seeks to Enjoin Noise Demonstration Flights
May 24, 1999

Toledo Airport Owner Sues Insurers to Assure Payment of Noise Nuisance Judgments
May 1999 Arizona Home Buyers Sue Developer Over Lack of Disclosure on Airport Noise
April 3, 1999 Florida Landowners Must Prove Decreased Property Value in Airport Noise Suit
March 1999 Status of Bridgeton Suits Against St. Louis and FAA over Runway Expansion
Mar. 27, 1999 Arizona Residents Sue Town for Airport Noise Damages
Mar. 20, 1999 Lawyers Hired to Fight Noise at Newark International Airport
Feb. 24, 1999 Court Lets City Go to Trial on Noise Impact Issue
Feb. 23, 1999 Marines Settle Lawsuit Over Helicopters at Miramar, California
Feb. 7, 1999 State's Attorney's Office Joins School in Suit Against Chicago
Jan. 22, 1999 Lawyer Looks into Liability over New Runway
Jan. 21, 1999 Louisville Threatens Suit over Nearby Airport Expansion


Dec. 30, 1998

Documents Revealed Under Court Order Show "Secret Master Plan" for O'Hare Airport
Dec. 29, 1998 Lawsuit Challenges Construction of Housing Near California Airport
Dec. 25, 1998 Lawsuit Filed Against Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Nov. 23, 1998 County Joins Lawsuit to Block Expansion and Noise at St. Louis Airport
Nov. 22, 1998 Lawsuits over Noise at Pittsburgh Airport Are Settled after 18 Years
Sept. 2, 1998 Suit Against City over Approval of Housing Near Airport
June 27, 1998 Memphis Airport Authority Votes to Settle Class-Action Noise Lawsuit
June 11, 1998

Minnesota City Sues Airport Commission Over Shifting Jet Noise to Their Community
June 2, 1998 Texas Judge Dismisses Three Noise-Related Lawsuits Against Airport
Mar. 16, 1998 Lawsuit Filed Against Baltimore-Washington Airport over Water Pollution
Feb. 28, 1998

Documents Detailing the Likelihood of Winning Court Cases Are Released by Coalition Fighting Runway at Seattle Airport
Feb. 19, 1998 Judge Rules California City Can't Block Airport Expansion Plan
Feb. 19, 1998 Airlines Sue UK government over Noise Limits
Feb. 11, 1998

International Air Association Plans Legal Challenge to British Government's Plan to Cut Noise Levels at London Airports
Jan. 17, 1998 Florida Airport Tower Put On Hold
Jan. 16, 1998 Lawsuits Challenge Oakland Airport's Environmental Impact Report
Jan. 15, 1998

County Says Court Ruling Requiring Further Analysis of Airport Impacts Won't Stop Planning


Dec. 18, 1997 New York City Sues Feds over Added Air Traffic
Dec. 10, 1997 School to Sue for Soundproofing from Airport Noise
Dec. 8, 1997 Japanese Residents Sue Government For Noise Pollution At U.S. Air Base
Dec. 3, 1997 Vancouver Residents Plan Legal Action to Fight Airport Noise
Nov. 22, 1997

Decade-Long Noise Fight Ends with Judge's Order Limiting Construction of New Homes Near New Zealand Airport
Nov. 1, 1997 Court Rules Local Power Supersedes Federal in Airport Expansion
Oct. 2, 1997 Connecticut Residents Threaten to Sue State If Airport Noise Isn't Reduced
Sept. 26, 1997

Church Sues Chicago for Soundproofing Money to Reduce Aircraft Noise in Schools
Sept. 23, 1997 Homeowner Near Colorado Airport Sues Developer Over Jet Noise
Sept. 8, 1997

Canadian Judge Orders Federal Express Courier Depot to Stop Overnight Loading
Aug. 25, 1997

Suburban Communities File Another Legal Challenge to New Runway at Seattle Airport
July 4, 1997

Lawsuit Between Chicago Suburb and City Over Soundproofing Against Airport Noise is Settled
July 2, 1997

Residents in Indiana Withdraw Lawsuit Against Airport After Purchase Assurance Program is Proposed
June 30, 1997 Missouri City Studies Legal Options to Fight Airport Expansion
June 13, 1997 Citizens Group Goes to Court to Shut Down Manhattan Heliport
June 7, 1997 Residents Sue Denver Airport and Adams County Over Noise
May 15, 1997 Citizens Group Seeks Patch of Public Land in Lawsuit Against Toronto Airport
May 10, 1997 Airport Says Residents Near Vancouver Airport Have No Grounds for Lawsuit
Mar. 20, 1997

Tennessee Homeowners Offered Settlement in Class-Action Suit Against Airport
Jan. 7, 1997 New York City's Heliport Noise Rules Blocked by Federal Judge


Oct. 25, 1996

Court Orders FAA to Rule on Airport Noise and Capacity Act's Applicability to Indirect Restrictions
Aug. 13, 1996

Group Challenges Environmental Impact Report on New Runway at Seattle Airport
Aug. 2, 1996 Complaint Challenges New Runway at Seattle Airport