Ham Lake, MN City Code: Restrictions on Aviation

Ordinance As Adopted Jan. 18, 2000

9-470 Operation of Regulated Aircraft

It shall be unlawful for any person operating a Regulated Aircraft to take off from or land upon any land in the City of Ham Lake except as provided herein.

9-470.1 R-1; R-M; R-2; ML PUD; PUD; RS-1 and RS-2 Zoning Districts

Regulated Aircraft are prohibited from landing or taking off in the R-1, R-2, R-M, ML-PUD, PUD, RS-1, and RS-2 zoning districts ***.


9-470.4 Exemptions

The provisions of Article 9-470 shall not apply to any regulated aircraft which was being used on or before March 1, 2000, if the location from which landings and takeoffs occurred had been approved under a favorable determination letter dated prior to March 1, 2000, issued by the Federal Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, pursuant to Federal Aviation Regulations Part 157, or any other pertinent regulation, after due notice and review by said agency.

Ordinance Retrieved from City's Website Feb. 27, 2011

9-340 Restrictions for Specific Activities
The following restrictions shall apply to the activities noted below, in all zoning districts within the City.

9-340.1 Aviation Aircraft which are required to be registered with either the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the Minnesota Department of Aeronautics, or for which a pilotís license of any kind is required, shall not be permitted to land or to take off except within the boundaries of an airport or heliport operated under the ownership and auspices of the Minnesota Department of Aeronautics or other public body, unless under one of the exemptions listed below. Military aircraft, ambulance aircraft, or aircraft operated by any public agency are exempt from this prohibition. Aircraft for which no registration is required, and for which no pilotís license is required, such as ultra-lites, shall not be operated within 500 feet of any structure. Specific landing and/or takeoff exemptions also include:

a) landing is permitted in a bona fide emergency;
b) landing and taking off are permitted if in conjunction with a civic event whether publicly or privately sponsored, under the following conditions:
i) helicopter rides are being offered free or for a fee by a licensed pilot in a registered helicopter, in conformance with the rules and regulations of all agencies having jurisdiction over the activities of helicopters; and
ii) the event is sponsored by a non-profit corporation formed specifically for the purpose of sponsoring the event; and
iii) the event lasts no more than three days in total length; and
iv) no more than two such events occur within the City in a given calendar year; once two such events have occurred involving helicopter takeoffs or landings, no more helicopter takeoffs and landings are permitted in the City during the remainder of the calendar year; and
v) takeoffs and landings occur at a location that is separated by at least 500 feet from any occupied building; and
vi) at least 60 days prior to any such takeoffs or landings, the sponsor of the event shall have notified the City Administrator, in writing, of the intention to sponsor helicopter rides, including the dates and times of day, which notification shall include written verification by representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Minnesota Department of Aeronautics that the proposed activity and licensure of actual aircraft and pilot to be used is in conformance with their rules and regulations; and
vii) no takeoffs or landings occur prior to 10:00 am or after sunset on any given day.