FAA Noise Policy for Management of Airspace
over Federally Managed Areas

The FAA shares the national concern for the preservation of the natural environment. A critical objective in the FAA Strategic Plan is to provide leadership in mitigating the environmental impact of aviation. It is the policy of the FAA in its management of the navigable airspace over locations in national parks and other federally managed areas with unique noise-sensitive values to exercise leadership in achieving an appropriate balance between efficiency, technological practicability, and environmental concerns, while maintaining the highest level of safety. This policy envisions joint efforts between the FAA and the Federal agencies managing these locations to enhance the compatibility between management of the airspace and the management goals of these agencies.

The National Park System and other natural resource management areas under Federal jurisdiction include many locations with unique values which merit special environmental protection. Some areas provide opportunities for solitude and natural quiet and allow visitors to experience nature unaffected by civilization. Some provide opportunities for people to visit historically authentic settings as they existed before the introducton of mechanized power. Others contain designated wilderness, critical habitat for endangered species, or solemnity of purpose which would be diminished by the intrusion of noise. While aircraft noise is not the only noise or environmental impact that may be incompatible with areas having such unique values, this is the area of FAA's special expertise and jurisdiction.

In order to carry out this policy effectively, FAA staff and management will:

This policy statement and the underlying actions are consistent with the goals of environmental responsibility and communication in the FAA's Strategic Plan, which state that the FAA will:

David R. Hinson
Federal Aviation Administration
November 9, 1996