Citizens League for Airport Safety & Serenity
PMB #151
875-A Island Drive
Alameda,CA 94502

August 26, 2000

Federal Aviation Administration
Office of the Chief Counsel
Attention: Rules Docket (AGC-200), Docket No. [30109]
800 Independence Ave, S.W.
Washington, DC 20591

Comments on FAA Proposed Policy Document, Aviation Noise Abatement Policy 2000 Docket No. 30109, dated 8/10/2000

The proposed policy document is valuable to communities in that it summarizes the recent history of aviation noise policies and legal decisions. This will enable newcomers to this complex debate to understand the immense difficulties of obtaining legal redress where aviation activity creates hardship.

The policy document is a mixture of past history, proposed research programs whose potential benefits lie far in the future, and present and near-future policies that form the bulk of FAA response to a prevailing and growing universal concern for the threat imposed by continuing airport expansion in and near large population centers. It is extremely disappointing as a guideline for the next 25 years in many respects, including the following:

In conclusion, the FAA proposed policy document for Noise Abatement Policy 2000 is an inadequate guide to what can only be a time of incredible technological advances. We recommend a substantial re-assessment of the stated policy guidelines, preferably with the involvement of scientific groups and local communities but, above all, by people who are completely independent of government agencies.

Respectfully submitted,

Ewart A. Wetherill, AIA, FASA