FAA Publications

FAA Publications

[Updated February 21, 2014]

Many official FAA publications -- notices, orders, and advisory circulars -- are available via the web. Some sections of the FAA's website have lists of publications on particular topics, with links to on-line copies. See also Airport-Related Publications and the Department of Transportation's On-line Publications.

Types -- FAA publications fall into a variety of categories. The most important categories for community activists are:

Ordering -- In theory, most FAA publications are available in printed form from the FAA; some are available for a charge from the Government Printing Office (GPO). However, the FAA will direct you to its publications posted on its website and expect you to print your own copy. This can be very expensive if the publication is large and has full-color illustrations. If a publication is available from the FAA, use the order form for FAA publications.

If a publication is available only from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), send payment along with the title and "Superintendant of Documents stock number (SN)" to:

Superintendent of Documents
P.O. Box 371954
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954
The GPO operates U.S. Government bookstores in a number of cities. These bookstores accept Visa and Mastercard.

FAA Directives -- All current FAA orders (as well as notices) are listed in "Washington Headquarters Directives Checklist" (FAA Order WA 0000.5C, updated regularly), which can be obtained using the order form for FAA publications. FAA orders are valid until rescinded, while notices have a fixed expiration date. The following orders are particularly relevant to noise issues (links are to files on the FAA's website):

FAA Technical Reports -- The FAA, like other federal agencies, commissions studies from independent experts. Many studies on airport noise fall in this category. These reports are made public as Department of Transportation publications and are available from the National Transportation Library -- Aviation or the National Technical Information Service.

FAA Advisory Circulars -- Circulars provide valuable information to community leaders and elected officials who want to understand FAA's rules and policies related to airport noise. See FAA Advisory Circulars for information on obtaining a list of circulars and ordering. See the FAA website for airport-related advisory circulars and a complete directory of advisory circulars. Following are selected circulars that should be of interest to community activists.