Aviation Operations Research Center of Excellence

The Aviation Operations Research Center of Excellence is one of several "centers of excellence" established under the Federal Aviation Administration's Associate Administrator for Research and Acquisitions (ARA). Such centers operate through cooperative research agreements with academic institutions and the aviation industry.

Centers may be funded in three phases over a period of 3 to 10 years. At the termination of FAA funding, the centers are expected to be self-supporting. (This program was authorized by Congress under the Federal Aviation Administration Research, Engineering and Development Authorization Act of 1990, Public Law 101-508,49 USC 1353 (i) (1)-(7).)

The Aviation Operations Research Center of Excellence "offers an opportunity to break out of the arms-length relationships typical of most industry-government-academic transactions. Aviation research will be enhanced through mutual collaboration between the FAA, universities, airlines and the aviation industry. Universities will increase their technical strength and will provide greater academic potential to their students. Airlines will gain insights to improve their operational efficiency and profitability, as well as participate in projects that, through information sharing, create a joint operational objective. Private industry will benefit from being exposed to the rapid technological advances sweeping through the aviation community.

"Our goal is a union of the private sector, public sector, and academic institutions to create a world class consortium able and ready to address the needs of the National Airspace System....

"This combined effort --

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For more information about the Aviation Operations Research Center of Excellence contact the program manager, Tony Vanchieri, at 202/358-5198, or by e-mail at Anthony.Vanchieri@faa.dot.gov.