Viewpoint: Burying the Real Story

Bill Mulcahy, member of Sane Aviation For Everyone (S.A.F.E.)

March 10, 1999

While the politicians have hearings and the media spins stories about a "Passenger Bill Of Rights," the REAL story about how a House committee will vote to DOUBLE the airline passenger tax will get buried under the hype story. That is why they are doing it.

The House will vote on a bill tomorrow to increase the airline passenger tax to six dollars from the previous amount of three dollars. The airlines and politicians know that the media will only report the phony passenger bill of rights bill and not the tax increase bill because they are intimidated by the fear of losing airline advertising dollars. So they are giving them a "substitute" aviation story!

It is this the kind of corrupt collusion of government and a polluting industry that allows the U.S. congress to even threaten the European Union for trying to reduce air pollution by having stricter standards at their airports. Why? Because it would cost the U.S. airline industry money to have less polluting planes like the Europeans do! Of course, the health benefits to the public, European and American, of less air pollution from the cleaner engines, is not even given passing attention by congress. Why should they? They only represent the people, while they get their "campaign" bribe money from the airlines.

While European airports are trying to reduce airport pollution, the American congressional, environmental criminals have exempted airports from the Clean Air Act (the only industry that is). They have also removed funding from the EPA's Office of Noise Abatement and Control (ONAC), effectively stopping enforcement of ALL noise pollution regulations.

There is also a bill [S. 22], being pushed by Sen. McCain, in Congress that will remove limits on the number of flights-per-hour (the High Density Rule) at airports located in major U.S. cities. This will not only increase the noise and air pollution impacts of these airports and cause more congestion, but will also decrease air safety but adding more planes in a the most congested airspace in the world!