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"Airport Noise Law" originated October 27, 1997 as an adjunct to a website titled "No More Noise," which was part of an effort to oppose expansion of cargo traffic at Oakland International Airport. By early 2004 it had evolved into its present form, covering a single topic of more general interest.

The website is aimed at lawyers and the general public alike.

It covers primarily the body of federal law (case law, regulations, and administrative decisions) that governs airports and flight as it relates to the social problem of noise. It also covers state and local law, but this coverage is necessarily limited.

State law provides the remedies for damages arising from noise nuisance, and such remedies are enmeshed in the body of law particular to each state. Some states also set noise standards for airport planning purposes. Particular attention is paid to California.

Local (city and county) law is effectively limited to zoning and planning of airports. However, as airport operations have exploded in recent years -- through increases in scheduled passenger flights, air cargo, helicopter use, and private business jets -- local jurisdictions have become aggressive in finding innovative ways to regulate aircraft flight locally. These efforts inevitably are challenged in court, thus testing the boundaries of the relationship of federal aviation law and local powers.

The website appearance was designed with the Netscape browser and 11 point New Times Roman text as benchmarks. It is purposely maintained in highly simplified format -- consistent with the original intent of the Internet -- to accomodate a variety of software and telecommunication services. As Lawrence Lessig reminds us often, the democratic potential of the Internet lies in its technology.

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